Professional Organizers


All organizing packages include a full assessment to determine the cause, how to get organized and finally, how to stay organized.

What is included:
-Step-by-step plan and written assessment
-Discuss issues and how each room should be used
-Determine who uses the space and what their organizing style is
-Determine what current organizational systems are/aren’t working
-Hands on declutter and organize
-Behind the scenes errands and research for products and/or purchase of products. Billed at additional cost.

Half Day Session: $240

During this 3-hour session, we will tackle a small section of your space (desk, counter, small closet, etc.) We will discuss what is keeping you from being organized and what steps to take to get organized. We work with you to use products you already have, make suggestions for any products to purchase that will help you get organized.

Full-Day Session: $480

During this session, we will tackle an entire room. We start by decluttering the items that don’t belong in the space. You determine if you would like to keep, donate or get rid of the items. We will assess the space to determine how it should be used and set up a system that will work for you and your families habits and lifestyle.
Garage & Basement – 4-hour minimum $85/hr

DIY Session: $125

This package is for those who are willing to do the work themselves but need a fresh eye! The 1-hour in-home assessment includes:
-Full written assessment
-Step by Step plan of action
-Tips relating to the project
-List of resources
-Product recommendations

(Gift Certificates are available) *3 – 6 Hour sessions must be paid in full on first session date and used within 6 months, unless otherwise stated. Sessions can be broken up in 2-3 days.


Depending on your needs, we can help get your home ready to be put on the market in its best possible condition. We offer customized packages.

Home Staging A: $175
[Initial consult only & list of recommendations ]
-In-Home visit with detailed list of overall interior and exterior recommendations, decluttering tips, showing tips, room-by-room recommendations, possible updates, maintenance
-Recommendations for paint, materials, lighting, carpet, etc.
-1 visit – no follow-up

Home Staging B: $325
[Initial Consult & Follow-up]
-Consult includes recommendation lists (see A Staging)
-Follow-up happens day or two before photos. Stager will do a follow-up to tweak accessories and adjust furniture for photos
-All work from initial consult should be completed by homeowner
-2 visits by stager

Moving | Downsizing

We offer an All-Inclusive, 3-hour, one-on-one Service!
You can use this service to do any or all of the following:
-Declutter, Downsize & Organize: During your session, we will help you go through old storage. Then, donate it or dump it.
-Downsizing: We will pack things away for either selling your house or staging it for the realtor photos prior to listing.
-Packing Up: During your moving session, we will get all the supplies you will need to move. Boxes, tape, bubblewrap, labels…etc. Everything that was not used will be returned and refunded to you. Including dropping off donations with a receipt for tax purposes.
-Unpacking: Sometimes it helps to have your designer there (if you are working with one) at the beginning of this session to better understand what the vision is.
-Loading/Unloading (*extra fee)
-Before & After organizing
* 3-hour session $240
(Gift Certificates are available)
*Sessions must be paid in full on first session date and used within 6 months, unless otherwise stated.

Maintenance Programs

Let’s face it! Our lives get busy and we just can’t keep our house perfectly organized every single day, Right?!
That is why we offer a Maintenance Program just for you! Enroll in a 6-month or 12-month maintenance program upon the completion of your organizing package. Plus, monthly invoicing as a thank you for your continued business. *Available to existing clients
*6-Month $185/Monthly *12-Month $175/Monthly
(Gift Certificates are available)

Age in Place

This 3- hour service is for those who wish to create a safe environment to enable themselves or loved ones to stay in their home, safely, for as long as possible.
This service includes but is not limited to:
– Declutter and Organize
-Customized systems
-Allocation of Possessions
-Donation Distribution
-Furniture Placement
-Third Party Oversight
*3-Hours $240
(Gift Certificates are available)
[Maintenance Sessions can be added to this service]