Interior Design Colorado Springs

Founded in 2000 by designer, CR Wilcken, who gained her Master of Arts in Interior Architecture and a desire to make a difference in the lives and homes of all her clients and has become a well-loved interior designer in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. CR Wilcken creates a powerful combination of visual differentiation while reinventing the singular focus of traditional staging and a unique hybrid of interior designs in Colorado Springs. The result? An unprecedented success rate that defies market trends. CRW Designs offers interior design services for interiors for rentals, permanent living, and residential and commercial real estate.
More valuable than her degree, though, she has real-world experience, owning a construction and real estate company, working with construction companies, and design firms, and working in an architecture firm, running a design showroom, professor of interior design, volunteering with non-profit organizations, and giving back to her community.She knows how to navigate the nuances of the industry and knows how to deliver. CR Wilcken isn’t afraid to take risks and ask questions. She listens and will design specifically for you. She takes challenges head-on and strives to deliver a project that you will love.
CRW Designs is one of the only interior design firms in Colorado Springs, CO that has a fresh approach to interiors and starts with a commitment to honoring the client’s goals then delivering the highest quality results. For CRW Designs, the work is more than a well-executed and successful project. We strive to build a lasting relationship with each client that is grounded in integrity, respect, responsiveness, and friendship, and with the highest standards of performance every time.

From fresh paint palettes and innovative furniture solutions to new build homes, our designers help you create a living space that is authentically ‘you’. We believe that a successfully styled home should have a one-of-a-kind aesthetic that is completely unique, yet livable, and most importantly showcases the personality of its occupants.

As Colorado Springs interior design professionals, we optimize the layout of the room, add a unique mix of furniture and accessories, develop innovative color schemes, and help you find the perfect art.
Whether for home or office we can manage every detail of your project, including space planning, 3D renderings, color schemes, product selections, and installation, within budget and on time. We work with contractors and builders to coordinate installations and manage projects from beginning to end.

Our talented team is also available for residential or commercial interior design. If you’re looking for ideas on ways to freshen up your house, rental, guest home, office, or building, we have extensive resources available to help you attain the perfect look for your space. Our talented and fun interior design Colorado Springs, CO team can help you create the ideal space for your property.

CRW Designs is one of the top interior design firms Colorado Springs has to offer for both Residential Interior Design and Commercial Interior Design.

Residential Interior Design Colorado Springs

Whether it’s a kitchen makeover, an updated bathroom, furniture layout, or accessorizing for an event, our team can assist you selecting tile, flooring, cabinetry, furniture, stemware, art, and more.

Many people want their homes to reflect their own style and individuality, which we can more than help with! Some projects involve renovations of the existing space or construction of a new space. We can assist in the selection of fixtures, furnishings, and paint colors. We have connections with other trade service providers. If repairs are needed, fixtures need replacing, painting, landscaping, etc., we can have a team of professionals in that field that can help.

Commercial Interior Design Colorado Springs, CO

CRW Designs is also available for any commercial spaces and businesses that need interior design services. We can assist with creating color schemes that represent your business’ branding, presenting a professional office space, stage a specialized event, and shop for accessories to complete your professional look. We’ll help you plan the décor and themes for your space and create a functional space for work or leisure.

Interior Design, Décor, Remodel, New Construction, Staging, Event Planning

CRW Designs takes pride in offering a high-end, hands-on approach to tailor the design and services needed for each client and the best interior design Colorado Springs can offer. We work with homeowners, apartment residents, architects, contractors, local craftsman, realtors, and developers. The project style and execution are based on you and your needs.

We focus on design solutions. Each project is specific to the client—we’re not going to force you into a formula and push you out the other side. We’re going to meet with you, ask questions and most importantly listen. The outcome? A custom-tailored design that encompasses who you are and how you live. We’ll take care of you, residential or commercial.

Interior Décor

Furniture, art, accessories, lighting, and window treatment selection for private homes, condominiums, new construction or apartments, real estate staging.

For each decor project, we begin by working with our client to develop a custom concept based on their style and personality. We source all furniture and decor items necessary to complete your project and present our recommendations at the design meeting with a scale drawing of the proposed furniture layout options. After all items are approved, we begin the purchasing process and oversee the shipping, tracking and final installation.

Remodel Interior Design and Construction Documents:

Design of layout and built-in items, selection of all construction finishes, plumbing, and lighting as well as the creation of 3D renderings. With our remodel projects, we select all of the items and create all of the construction drawings necessary for contractor bidding and construction. Once you have approved of the design with all of the finishes, fixtures, and appliances, we assemble a complete construction packet so that you may ask contractors to bid your project. After receiving the construction bids, clients select their preferred contractor and CRW Designs acts as the go-to for all design related questions that come up during the process.

New Construction Interior Design and Construction Documents:

Design of cabinetry and built-in items, selection of interior finishes, plumbing, and lighting as well as the creation of 3D renderings. By partnering with your preferred architect and/or contractor we draft the remaining details needed for the construction of your residential or commercial project. We select all of the interior paint, counters, tile, flooring, plumbing, lighting and appliances and draft these into your construction plans, elevations, and details. As construction occurs, we act as the go-to for questions as needed while we are also available to check on the project to ensure that it has been built as we intended and as you approved.